4th update

What did I do?

The last two weeks were all about meetings and planning, with a little code and documentation writing in between.

I had a coaching session with Simply Secure with some good discussion about building for and around not-yet existing data. My biggest take-away though is keeping in mind to not reinvent the wheel. Always a good reminder, especially when you work alone on a project and there are pre-existing things you can just use. But I’m not quite there yet :D

Aside from that I had two meetings with parts of the team to discuss the data models that I’ve built so far and more UX flows for data entry. Some of the questions that emerged during these meetings will need further follow up and discussion with the complete team, but in the bets possible way. The best outcome is that I have a clearer vision for the data entry interface and workflow now and it will be good™.

Code-wise I did further work on models and serializers and am finally close to implementing the first version for data entry UI, just in time with the new ideas that came out of the meetings. Exciting! I also started documenting the development setup and prepared further guides.

What am I doing right now?

There is a little bit of followup and prep work around meetings (like consolidating feedback, questions and proposals around data models for the big team meeting) that I’m doing right now and then focusing on building the data entry UI. Maybe also get to the next iteration of data models, but we’ll see.

Motivations & challenges

Digging deeper into the data and definitions currently used in the spreadsheet (and making sense of why certain things have been recorded they way that they were) was more challenging than anticipated but the meeting around it was very fruitful and important. Leaving a meeting with a todo-list of actionable items is always super motivating!