3rd update

What did I do?

I finished modeling, API and entry interface for what I call option lists (defining an option itself, like type of weapon used and then defining items on that). Options and lists can be translated in the user interface as well. I added two sets of default configurations for now, one based on the femicidios-latam standard and one after the spreadsheet currently used by the feminizidmap.org team.

That also gave me the opportunity to take a closer look at the differences between the two in what kind of information they collect. Turns out there are quite a bit different and unifying them will not be as easy as I originally thought. But that is something that I need to discuss with the team.

While modeling the main case model and the associated model for victim I hit a road block with how I imagined I could work with the before mentioned option list. That has already cost me a couple of days on researching and I still don’t have a good solution. To be continued.

Aside from that I reviewed the first user stories and feature requests that came from the team and put them into the issue tracker. This also revealed some hurdles that the team is often confronted with and has to solve manually (like looking up countries that have some form of dual citizenship deal with Germany) that I was unaware of.

What am I doing right now?

I’ll be working on finding a good solution to by model association problem and try to make up some of the time it has cost me. This has top priority right now.

Other then that I’ll have a small team meeting showing what is already there at some point this week and the first session with the coaching team next week.

The data processing document kind of fell off the table but I want to at least get started on it soon.

Motivations & challenges

The problem I described above was a real motivational downer since it’s been messing with my ideal schedule quite a bit and it put me in quite the slump.

But after taking some days off over Easter I feel more motivated and clear-minded to get it done.