Development blog

4th update

What did I do? The last two weeks were all about meetings and planning, with a little code and documentation writing in between.

3rd update

What did I do? I finished modeling, API and entry interface for what I call option lists (defining an option itself, like type of weapon used and then defining items on that).

2nd update, week 2 and 3

Times flies by! What did I do? On the tech side I was thinking about and started implementing models for application settings and pre-defined option lists for certain properties.

Week 1 in review

On March 1st the 9th round of the Prototype Fund has officially begun and we’re a part of it! After the initial kickoff workshop past Monday and the last bits of paperwork out of the way, the first week was all about setting up the initial infrastructure.

Project init

Hello, World! This is just a small entry to kick-start this blog on the development of mapper and other apps and software helping document and map femi(ni)cides in Germany.